Friday, June 30, 2017


Title: Chasing Hindy
Author: Darin Gabby
Publisher: Koehler Books
Pages: 284
Genre: Thriller

ADDY’S DREAM AS a patent attorney is to help bring a ground breaking energy technology to the world. Addy’s hopes soar when she is wooed by Quinn, an entrepreneur, to join his company that has purportedly invented a car that can run on water using an innovative catalyst. After resigning her partnership to join Quinn, Addy discovers things aren’t as they seem. The patent office suppresses the company’s patent applications and her life is threatened by unknown assailants if she doesn’t resign.

When she is arrested for stealing US technology from the patent office she realizes Quinn has used her. Now, Addy must find a way to clear her name while salvaging her dream of propelling this technology to the world, all while powerful forces attempt to stop her.

First Chapter:

The book opens up with Addy being very excited about her job at a highly impressive law firm. Even her higher ups were impressed with her because of her impressive marketing ideas attributing her with bringing business into the fold. She's in her Mustang, aptly called Hindy, which gives us insight into the title. She has a  barrel-sized, hydrogen-filled balloon that floats above the Mustang’s roof only to have someone pull up beside her with a bazooka aimed right at the balloon. Fire is shot and the balloon is hit creating a giant fireball right above her head. She slams on the brakes, shoots out the door and the fireball heads toward her when suddenly someone yanks her out of harm's way. Her rescuer said he saw the whole thing and tried to get the license plate but it was covered up.  Soon swarms of firemen are on to the scene. She wrestles with the confusion on why someone would want to shoot the balloon, and more importantly, what did they have against her? If it could get any worse, she is slapped with a ticket for transporting a flammable substance and she is told she'll have to make a court appearance. And then they impound Hindy.

Would I keep reading?

Whoa, talk about exciting. I'm thinking the rescuer might become an important part of Addy's life (I could be wrong) and that's the reason why the author brought this character into the picture or I've been watching too many movies. This isn't written amateurish; Gibby writes with such thoroughness and clarity to the point where I'm feeling I'm right there and can picture the characters, the setting, the explosion even down to the point where I can picture the person in the car who brought the balloon down. I would definitely keep all I can think about is what's going to happen to Addy now? She lost the balloon, she was written a ticket and she has to appear in court. What kind of reputation is she going to have now? And who was this person who wanted the balloon down? It wasn't a coincidence; it wasn't some joy riders who where looking for fun. I think this was very intentional. I'm thinking someone is jealous of Addy. I guess I'll have to read the book to find out!


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