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Character Interview: Trudi from J. Boyce Gleason's ANVIL OF GOD

We’re thrilled to have here today Trudi from J. Boyce Gleason’s historical novel, Anvil of God, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles.  She is eighteen and coming to us all the way from Quierzy, France (just northeast of Paris) in 741 A.D.  It is a pleasure to have her with us today at The Literary Nook!

Thank you so for this interview, Trudi.  Now that the book has been written, do you feel you were fairly portrayed or would you like to set anything straight with your readers?

Although I will admit to some of the foolishness that has been attributed to me, in Anvil of God, I always believed that I should be free to choose my way in the world – even if I don’t always choose well.

What do you believe is your strongest trait?

I can fight as well as most of the male knights.

Worst trait?

I can fight as well as most of the male knights.

Do you have a love interest in the book?

I do.  From the very first pages I am smitten by a young boy named Ansel and then by and older man who may be leading a rebellion against my father and then by another, who… uh, never mind.

At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?

Right from the start.  Despite the fact that I had no intention of marrying anyone, my father, the great Charles the Hammer, promised me in marriage to the Prince of the Lombards

If you could trade places with one of the other characters in the book, which character would you really not want to be and why?

My stepmother.  She was taken as hostage by my father at 16 years old and forced into a political marriage.  It brought peace – and she says she loves him – but how could she?  He just took her.  

How do you feel about the ending of the book without giving too much away?

It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. 

What words of wisdom would you give your author if she decided to write another book with you in it?

We all make mistakes when we’re young. You don’t have to provide so much detail about my mistakes to your readers.  And next time I want to get “friendly” with someone – fade to black.   They don’t need to know everything.  

Thank you for this interview.  Will we be seeing more of you in the future?

Yes, you will.  In fact, I’m not in a good place right now.  It’s a bad time for me and I’m afraid about what happens next.

About the Book:

It is 741. After subduing the pagan religions in the east, halting the march of Islam in the west, and conquering the continent for the Merovingian kings, mayor of the palace Charles the Hammer has one final ambition—the throne. Only one thing stands in his way—he is dying.

Charles cobbles together a plan to divide the kingdom among his three sons, betroth his daughter to a Lombard prince to secure his southern border, and keep the Church unified behind them through his friend Bishop Boniface. Despite his best efforts, the only thing to reign after Charles’s death is chaos. His daughter has no intention of marrying anyone, let alone a Lombard prince. His two eldest sons question the rights of their younger pagan stepbrother, and the Church demands a steep price for their support. Son battles son, Christianity battles paganism, and Charles’s daughter flees his court for an enemy’s love.

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About the Author:

With an AB degree in history from Dartmouth College, J. Boyce Gleason brings a strong understanding of what events shaped the past and when, but writes historical-fiction to discover why. Gleason lives in Virginia with his wife Mary Margaret. They have three sons.

His latest book is the historical fiction, Anvil of God, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles.

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