Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review: Never Buy Dog Treats Again! #bookreviews

Title: Never Buy Dog Treats Again
Author: Steph Hatfield
Genre: Animal Care & Pets/Dogs
Publisher: Finding Nine Books

I am a responsible pet owner, but little did I know years down the road that some of what I was feeding my dogs was bad for them.  I'm not just talking about the obvious; I'm talking about foods that are on the grocery shelves specifically for dogs.  I mean, if it's on the shelves, it's okay, right?  Wrong.  It took me years to find this out.  When my Sheltie was diagnosed with diabetes and then later she had episodes of shooting fire hydrant diarrhea, nothing helped as far as the diarrhea but to go on a homemade diet.  She would go a month or so, no diarrhea, then boom, and it lasted about a month.  And we took her to the vet, tried everything under the sun and I do remember the first words out of my vet's mouth was "What do you feed her?"  So they gave us some vet-approved dog food at extraordinary prices but we were at our wit's end and wanted to try anything it would take to stop the shooting fire hydrant diarrhea.  It wasn't until we started feeding her homemade foods such as boiled chicken, boiled hamburger (we ran water over it and drained it well), carrots, boiled potatoes, brown rice, peas and whatever other vegetables we could find did the diarrhea stop.  It was then we started to wonder just what was in all those cans of dog food we see on the shelf.

When Never Buy Dog Treats Again arrived at Amazon, I purchased it on the spot.  At last!  A recipe book that had dog treats that you could make at home and was easy to boot!  There are a couple of recipes I am going to try tomorrow and I'm making a trip to the store today to buy the ingredients but these ingredients are so easy to find.  Wheat flour.  Right there on the shelf.  Honey.  Right there on the shelf.  I even bought a doggie cookie cutter years ago and now I'll get to put that to use, but not all of these recipes need cookie cutters.  There are a few pictures throughout the book that help you see what the final product will end up looking like.  I love, love, love this book!

I give this book 5 stars because it has made my day!

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