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Book Review: The Author Training Manual by Nina Amir #bookreviews

Title: The Author Training Manual: Develop Marketing Ideas, Craft Books That Sell, Become the Author Publishers Want, and Self-Publish Effectively

Author: Nina Amir
Genre: Nonfiction/Publishing
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
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Publishing a book is every writer's dream.  I have been published every which way but loose and I am still learning the process.  Every day there's a new way to do something and it's something else I must learn.  How I wish I had The Author Training Manual by Nina Amir to guide me along when I first started.  I would have not made costly mistakes I'm sure.

Anything related to writing, publishing and marketing books I am so there.  My life revolves around all three and Amir's book is so chocked full of useful tidbits of information it makes my head swim at how great they are.

Certain points in the book stood out for me.  Like the average nonfiction sells 250 copies per year and that nonfiction outsells fiction.  Wowsers.  Also, the average yearly ebook sales are about the  same as print book sales, possibly just a tad higher.  In my experience though, ebook sales definitely outsell print but I think in order for this to happen, there has to be some kind of promotion behind it.

Amir suggests you must create a business plan for your product before you introduce it into the marketplace.  I so agree with this.  She takes you step by step to make it easier.  She shows you how to write book proposals, something most authors struggle with.  What I like about this book is that each chapter is a step.  By completing each step, you work toward a greater product and one that sells.  I especially liked Step #2 - Know What Your Book is About and Why Someone Would Want to Read It.  You would be surprised at how many authors fail to do this.  Step #5 is another good one - Examine the Structure of Your Book - one of my favorite chapters because this is where you define your book and it is often called the overview which includes how to create your table of contents, dilineating chapters, and how to mind map your book.  

Another chapter I loved was Step#7 - Discover Ways to Brand Yourself and Earn More Money.  I lvoe the tip about how to spin your book into multiple titles and a brand.  It's nice to know how the books you write can support you in becoming who you want to be

Pretty interesting stuff.

P.S. Love the sample mini-proposals and business plans at the back of the book.

Because I feel this book would be great for aspiring as well as seasoned authors, I give this book five book trees.

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