Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Review: Slow Cooker Recipes by Angela Edwards

Title: Slow Cooker Recipes
Author: Angela Edwards
Genre: Cooking
Publisher: Angela Edwards
Pages: 53
Format: eBook

Back in the early seventies when I bought my first crock pot, I loved experimenting with different foods.  After all, cooking in a crockpot (or slow cooker) was the best invention aside from the microwave.  Throw in food, let it simmer all day and voila dinner!  As time went by, the crock pot was put in a cabinet and I'm ashamed to say didn't get much use.  Eventually I threw it out or gave it away; I have no idea where it ended up but years later I was on a mission - to find another crock pot and renew my love for effortlessly slow cooked meals. I did buy another crock pot years later for mainly roast beef and barbecue country ribs which were absolutely yummy.  I had lost the cookbook that came with it so I turned to the Internet and voila there was every slow cooker meal imaginable.

When Slow Cooker Recipes came up free at Amazon, I thought this was fabulous.  More recipes!  Most of the recipes you can probably find on the Internet, but there were a couple I am really dying to try.  It's not a bad little book as it does give you delish recipes such as Slow Cooked Sweet and Spicy Chicken (yummy) and Slow Cooked Short Rib Ragu (double yummy).  I gave this 3 book trees only because of its brevity and the fact you can probably find these on the Internet, but overall it's not a bad little book for free.

I purchased this book for free on Amazon and received no compensation for this review.

 My Rating: 3 Book Trees

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