Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Review: Essential Oils for Beginners by Prescott Marshall

Title: Essential Oils for Beginners 
Author: Prescott Marshall
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: Prescott Marshall
Pages: 51
Format: eBook

I remember back in the late seventies, my husband had just joined the Air Force and we had to go go to Illinois for training and I was allowed to go.  We stayed off campus in a little 3 room bungalow (if the bathroom counts that was adjoined to the bedroom, then 4) in Rantoul.  On the weekend, we would prowl.  On one of our prowling adventures, we headed into what was called back then a "head shop."  Head shops were the only places back then where you could buy oils.  There might have been mail order companies back then, but nowhere else physically could you buy these unless someone was selling them out of their home.  I had heard about a particular oil called patchouli oil and I just had to have some.  What we did back then was apply it to our wrists or back of the ears.  It was the perfume of the sixties and while I was a latecomer, our new life away from home just had to include patchouli oil.  Almost 40 years later I still have that oil and it smells just as if I had just bought it.

While I used my oil for perfume reasons, I didn't realize oils can be used for healing purposes until I read Essential Oils for Beginners by Prescott Marshall.  While the book is right on track with giving me ways different oils help you, it mentioned that essential oils last for about a decade while citrus oils could last two to three years.  Like I mentioned above, my patchouli oil is 40 years old and is still going strong.  I guess it might depend on how you store it.  Mine has been in darkness since I packed the bottle away years ago so that might be the answer to keeping your oils fresher longer.

I did love the way the book explained to me how oils can reduce stress, give you mental clarity, was good for hair and skin care while giving you the names of which ones do what.  I bet you didn't know peppermint oil was good for alleviating anger or frustration?  The next time someone gets all big and bad on you, throw some peppermint oil their way.  Have a negative attitude and can't shake it?  Lavender oil.

That's what I really liked about this book.  Sometimes we just want to grab a prescription bottle when oils is so much better for you. I think you should give this little book a try while it's free on Amazon.  Anything to help improve and doesn't cost anything?  I am so there.

I purchased this book for free on Amazon and received no compensation for this review.

My Rating:

4 1/2 Book Trees

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