Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Review: Caribbean Recipes by Jessica Dreyher

Title: Caribbean Recipes
Author: Jessica Dreyher
Genre: Cooking
Publisher: Encore Publishing

Who doesn't dream of lying on a beach in the Caribbean especially since we've had one of the worse winters in our lifetime?  To those who have done this, I'm sure you tested out the wonderful local food there? I know that would be the second most wanted thing to do there with lying on the beach the first.

I've never been to the Caribbean but when I found out Caribbean Recipes by Jessica Dreyher was available free in the Kindle store, I was all over it.  While I tend to give short ebooks a middle of the grade score because of brevity, this ebook came in at 78 pages which is longer than the others I have read lately and is jam packed of Caribbean local delights that you can make at home so I was willing to give it a try.

Number one, Bruschetta is one of my daughter's favorite things in all the world and by reading over the ingredients, I didn't know how easy this would be to make.  She gets it every time we go to Olive Garden.  Not sure where to get mango though.  Do they sell it at the grocery store?

Omg, Zesty Jamaican Shrimp Skewers.  I suck at cooking shrimp on the grill.  I don't know whether they're done or not so I tend to overcook them but you haven't tasted anything better than shrimp on the grill.  I am dying for summer.

Did I mention curry powder was one of my favorite spices?  I just discovered cumin through my daughter who added it to the most delicious chicken she cooked in the oven.  I'm getting hungry.  But one recipe included curry powder - Spicy Chicken Stew - and rice!  Omg.

Okay, no matter how long or short this book is, this is a winner and I'll give it 4 1/2 book trees.



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