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Q&A: John P. Adamo, Author of Amiranda: Princess Amiranda and the Tale of the Deciduous Forest #Q&A #Interview

John Adamo is a Long Island-based author and songwriter who has copyrighted more than four hundred poems and has both written and composed numerous songs and short stories. Music has always been an integral part of John’s life, as he has performed at different venues all across Long Island—both as a professional pianist since the age of seventeen (one year after his father passed away) and also as a disc jockey / emcee for various private parties and public events.

Amiranda: Princess Amiranda and the Tale of the Deciduous Forest is John’s first formal work, which was originally written as a screenplay and copyrighted in 1998. John has always had the visualization that an animated movie would one day be made from his work. The author wanted to put together a story unlike any other, and one that could be enjoyed by people of all ages … both young and old alike. A story that reinforced good values, covered common ethics, and taught morals as John feels those important criteria are so often left out in today’s modern fairy tales.

After having the screenplay sit on his shelf for nearly fifteen years, John felt that it was finally time to let the world know the life and world of Amiranda—a Cinderella-type princess who has everything in the world that a princess could possibly ask for, but is still missing something more in her life. With your help, John hopes that he can help fulfill Amiranda’s aspirations, hopes, and dreams. Last but not least, John hopes you like Amiranda’s story just as much as he enjoyed writing it … Enjoy!

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When not writing, what do you like to do for relaxation and/or fun?

     I have been a musician for most of my life, writing songs and creating music, so I really like that and I have incorporated some of that into my work “Amiranda.”  I am fortunate enough to like music so much that I also DJ for various events, which although can be work, can also be fun and relaxing for me.   

What makes your book stand out from the rest?

     One thing that makes my book stand out from the rest is that I am not a writer, nor do I claim to be one.  My book was mainly to be a basis on what I envisioned a classic animated fairly tale should be… similar to older ones like “Snow White”, “Cinderella” or even “The Brave Little Toaster.”  Today we see so many animations where they use “cheap slapstick humor” or “toilet humor” to get laughs from children or fast paced non-stop action to keep and hold their attention, but these values doesn’t really teach them core values or incorporate on how they should behave or interact when dealing with one another.  When writing Amiranda, I wanted to step back and bring back the basics of fairy tale storytelling, or at least that is what I envisioned.  

    The other thing that makes my book stand out from the rest is, I believe, my use of characters.  I thought long and hard about the characters… their names, their behaviors, their reactions, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.  I also got to help create what these characters look like working with the illustrator Christopher Donovan, who I think did a remarkable job in depicting what I envisioned.  I believe this really helps the reader get a true feel for these characters, and even a good look at Amiranda herself… her gazing out to the countryside at her vast town of Luxing which she does not know much of.  I think the illustrations and caricatures really set apart my book from just words on a page, had I otherwise not included them.   

Can you give us the very first page of your book so that we can get a glimpse inside? 

     A stately dressed butler hurries into the room.  He is properly dressed in tails, medium in height, lean in stature, with balding gray and silver hair.  

     “Amiranda, hurry down here!” the proficient butler calls out to her, careful not to shout, as that would be undignified.  “…Already you are way off your schedule!  You know if you’re not down here promptly for your swimming practice, your father will have my hide!”  

     The butler is hasty in his routine around the manor as he always tries to maintain a rigid schedule, and is fervent as far as his duties are concerned.  Ritualistically, he prepares some garments and towels, folding them and draping them over the changing partition. 

      A young girl’s voice replies politely.  “Can't I have breakfast first today, Jove?  It's too early to go swimming; I just woke up.”  Although she cannot be seen, the girl’s sweet voice rings clearly from the top of the stairs.  She has the kind of voice that resonates in the purest of tones and with the most perfect pitch, yet remains timid and not overpowering. 

      The young girl slowly makes her way down the marble staircase; seen only by her bare feet first, and then the frilled lace bottom of her long and flowing white nightgown, hemmed neatly at ankle-length.  Pitter-pattering at her feet, the paws of her puppy move closely along beside her.  The young pup makes his way clumsily down the stairs, too small yet to manage proficiently by himself, although he tries.  He consistently trips on the young girl’s toes as she descends the stairway, but she remains diligently careful not to step on her faithful companion.  

If your book was put in the holiday section of the store, what holiday would that be and why?

      Not to be religious, but I would have to choose Easter for a couple of reasons.  One is that is marks the beginning of spring, which is what I akin Princess Amiranda to be like… new, curious and teaming with life (but forced to keep it all bottled up in a jar). The other is because it is like a rebirth of the Earth, where flowers come back to life after a long season of winter, animals come out of hibernation, and helpful insects begin to emerge (like bees and butterflies aid in pollination).  

Would you consider turning your book into a series or has that already been done?

      In writing Amiranda, I often thought about a prequel and perhaps a sequel to help fill in the gaps.  There is not much told by way of the story of the protagonist and I feel like I wanted to keep that as a whole ‘nother tale, as this story was about Amiranda specifically.  The king is another character where much is not divulged, but again a lot of that is specifically intentional.  Also Adam, who becomes a main part in the story of Amiranda later on, I feel has some history I also left out for a prequel.  

When you were young, did you ever see writing as a career or full-time profession?

     I have written a few short stories and I copyrighted two books of poems and quite a few songs.  I think I always wanted to be a writer, but more of original songs and rather a producer of a “completed work” such as a movie or animation.  Since I really don’t read many books (I often do not have the spare time to do so), to me a finished polished work would be more of an accomplishment.  Again, I am not a writer nor do I claim to be.  To me the ultimate goal would to see “Amiranda” on the big screen, as a completed work, and having Amiranda-based toy figurines given out with McDonalds happy meals (lol, a pipe-dream, I know).  

What’s next for you?

      Who knows what the future holds.  As an ancient Chinese proverb cleverly states… “He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.”  That being said, my goal in writing “Amiranda” (and producing the story as a novel) is to do just that… initially get it out on paper as a “completed” initial story, which is why in some places it is written more like a transcript that a typical novel.  From here my ultimate dream would to have someone look at it, read the premise and say, “yeah… I could really see that being something” and help turn it into an animation just as I originally intended it to be.  Just like J.K. Rowling turned Harry Potter into an everyday household name (and movies were produced based on her creation), I feel that Amiranda could ultimately be the same (or at least similar in that regard).  Again, who knows what the future holds, but at least I made the first step in creating Amiranda and turning her from an internal creation in my mind to a “living” character, at least on paper and in the imaginations of all who read her story “Princess Amiranda and the Tale of the Deciduous Forest.”  Happy reading!!! 

An instant classic tale portraying the life of “Amiranda,” an innocent and brave princess, who unwittingly sets out on a quest that will ultimately determine the fate of her entire kingdom. From her castle window, Amiranda would gaze at the beautiful countryside below-always watching carefully, always observing everything. Gradually the princess realizes that she knows very little of the small kingdom over which she would one day reign. Nevertheless, Amiranda would never disobey her father’s wishes, especially the one to never enter the mysterious dark forest, which borders their kingdom. That is, until one day when she would have no other choice.

 Amiranda will take a journey that will lead her on a wild adventure, where the decisions she makes will determine the fate of many lives-the lives of her animal friends, her family members, those who dwell in her kingdom, and her very own life as well. Travel along on this trip where Princess Amiranda hopes to find the missing piece in her existence and ends up trying to achieve the impossible….

Book Information

Release Date: May 8, 2012

Publisher:  Legwork Team Publishing

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-1935905417; 275 pages; $13.95; E-Book, FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FxWgRu

Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/2QBqk5d

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