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Character Interview with 'White Witch' Matilda Massengale @ldtauthor #thriller #characterinterviews

Our guest character today is Matilda Massengale, a character out of Larry D. Thompson’s White Witch. Enjoy the interview!

Welcome Matilda. What do you look like?

I’m a big woman, six feet tall, not counting three inch heels, three hundred pounds, ebony complexion, black hair (rarely combed).

Where are you today and what are you doing?

I am in court, defending a young man, accused of stealing drugs from a pharmacy (Don’t worry. He didn’t do it and I’ll prove it)

Describe the outside of your home.

It’s yellow stucco, about twenty steps up a hill from the street. In Jamaica, we are blessed with flowers year around; so the beds are always beautiful.

You come face to face with your worse enemy. How do you react?

I would walk right up to him or her. With my imposing size, most will back down.

You keep a photo album of memories from your lifetime. If you could only keep one photo, which one would that be?

My graduation from law school

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I’m a night owl, which can cause problems when I have to be in court at ninel

A police officer stops you for a minor violation. What violation is that and how do you react?

Ha! That’s easy. I used to get parking tickets for parking in the “No Parking” zone in front of the courthouse. I beat the parking ticket cops so regularly and so often that they finally quit writing the tickets.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My assortment of dress shoes with the three inch heels.

Do you have any phobias? What are they and how intense are they? How have they impacted your life?

I don’t really like snakes. We have a lot of them on the island of Jamaica. We have an agreement, though: I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me.

How do you feel about mortality?

If we don’t have morals, we will fail as a society.

What scares you?

Snakes (see above)

How would your parents describe you?

Big, outgoing, successful. They like my nickname of Hurricane Matilda.

What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed at night?

Read a really scary thriller.

Who is your best friend?

Vertise Broderick, the daughter of the leader of the Maroons, a brilliant and beautiful woman.

Who is your worse enemy?

The lawyer on the other side of my next case.

Are you faith-oriented?

I’m highly moral but not really faith-oriented.

Where is your favorite hangout?

My own back yard full of flowers and a view of the ocean beyond Montego Bay.

You are at the zoo. What is your favorite animal?

The elephant. I suppose because of our respective sizes, we have a certain bond.

You just woke up to find that war has been declared. What’s the first thing you would do?

Absolutely nothing. I live in Jamaica and I am not worried about some country bombing my island.

If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would that be?

Nothing. I’m happy in my own skin and with how I live my life.

About the Author

After graduating from the University of Texas School of Law, Larry spent the first half of his professional life as a trial lawyer. He tried well over 300 cases and won more than 95% of them. Although he had not taken a writing class since freshman English (back when they wrote on stone tablets), he figured that he had read enough novels and knew enough about trials, lawyers, judges, and courtrooms that he could do it. Besides, his late, older brother, Thomas Thompson, was one of the best true crime writers to ever set a pen to paper; so, just maybe, there was something in the Thompson gene pool that would be guide him into this new career.  He started writing his first novel about a dozen years ago and published it a couple of years thereafter. He has now written five highly acclaimed legal thrillers. White Witch is number six with many more to come.
Larry is married to his wife, Vicki. He has three children scattered from Colorado to Austin to Boca Raton, and four grandchildren. He has been trying to retire from the law practice to devote full time to writing. Hopefully, that will occur by the end of 2018. He still lives in Houston, but spends his summers in Vail CO, high on a mountain where he is inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.
His latest book is the captivating thriller, WHITE WITCH.



About the Book:

Jamaica is a place where the surreal is simply everyday reality. When a ruthless American aluminum company plans to strip mine the Jamaican rainforest, they send former Navy SEAL Will Taylor to Montego Bay to deal with local resistance on their behalf. But he’s unaware that the British had
signed a treaty deeding the rainforest to the Jamaican Maroons, descendants of escaped slaves, over 300 years ago. The Maroons fought and died for their land then, and are more than willing to do so now, whether it’s the British or the Americans who threaten them this time around.

Upon Will’s arrival, a series of inexplicable murders begin, some carried out with deadly snake daggers that were owned and used by Annie Palmer, a voodoo priestess better known as the White Witch. She was killed 200 years prior, but is said to still haunt the island at night, and the local Jamaicans are certain she’s responsible for the gruesome murders, her form of retaliation against the new turmoil taking place in the rainforest.

And Will has been forced directly into the middle of it. After a few close calls, he’s finally convinced to leave his company and join forces with the Maroons, headed by Vertise Broderick, a Maroon who resigned from her position at the New York Times to return to Jamaica to stop the mining. Together they hire a Jamaican attorney to prove that the Maroon/British treaty is still valid to stop the mining, and they take it upon themselves to solve the White Witch murders, because the legend of the White Witch can’t possibly be true…


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