Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Guest post from Ilona Salley, author of Yesterday is Never Gone

Title: Yesterday is Never Gone
Author: Ilona Sally
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Thriller/Crime
Format: Ebook
Niki is no stranger to horrific personal challenges. As a child, she bravely endured abandonment by her father. While in her teens, she witnessed her mother’s murder and the abduction and presumed death of her only sibling. Although her secrets have always been carefully cloaked from others, they have shaped her personality more than she would like to admit. But with a past as terrible as hers, how can Niki ever hope for a bright future? Years later, Niki is a dedicated profiler in a criminal investigation agency with no idea her life is about to change exponentially. One day, through a quirky twist of fate, she receives startling news that her sister, Inge, is alive. As a driving force compels Niki to search for her, she embarks on a quest that takes her through cities and wilderness on two continents. She encounters difficult decisions, threatening mobsters, near-death experiences, and romance, yet nothing deters her from reaching her goal—not even a gruesome discovery about her father. But Niki is about to discover that things are never what they seem to be. In this thrilling tale, deception and inner turmoil hamper a young woman’s journey toward a new reality as she attempts to reconcile her past and find the truth.


I went to your website and see that you are not particularly interested in thrillers, however, I would like you to consider what my book has to offer. First, be aware that it received an Editor’s Choice Award.
The story line is fast-paced and adventurous, moving from Europe to Canada. There are current social issues in the book, notably the problems of smuggling, human trafficking and drug use. The characters are interesting and strong, are often conflicted by moral issues, and two of them have psychological anomalies which are well-developed. In addition, a lot of ‘real news’ items help to move the plot along, and allow for more thought on the issues.
Here then, is my article.
YESTERDAY IS NEVER GONE by Ilona Salley/ Available on Amazon and at www.iuniverse.com
In the book, Yesterday Is Never Gone, strong and interesting characters move the plot along, some sympathetic, and some dangerous. Two of them have truly overpowering psychological anomalies. During her quest to find her sister who had been presumed dead, Niki, the heroine, encounters difficult decisions, threatening mobsters, near-death experiences, and romance. Yet nothing deters her from reaching her goal - not even a gruesome discovery about her father.
Throughout this thrilling tale, deception and inner turmoil hamper Niki’s quest to find her sister. And she learns that things are not always what they appear to be.  
But the story does not limit itself to the plot and characters. Current social issues, notably the problems of smuggling, human trafficking and drug use are explored. In addition, many ‘real news’ stories like those of the sinking of The Estonia, the discovery of the mummy of Ramses II, or the horrific story of ninos robados add interest and offer an opportunity for reflection and research.

Ilona Salley emigrated from Germany to Toronto, Canada, with her family when she was three. Throughout her life, her interests have included squash, skiing, wood carving, literature, art, and languages. Her fascination with architecture and archaeology has led her to travel in search of ancient places and artifacts. After a long career as an educator, she expanded her horizons by teaching in England and China. Now, she spends part of each year in Fort Myers, Florida.

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