Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Chapter Review: Bodybuilding for Weight Loss by James Eaton

Title: Bodybuilding for Weight Loss
Author: James Eaton
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 61
Genre: Health/Fitness

Blurb: Do you want to take part in a workout that has stretched across the ages, from all around the globe? Do you want to build muscle while dropping pounds? Body building might just be for you!
With a detailed history of body building from its first appearances until its inception into the Olympics, you will find all the tips you need to succeed in body building for your specific goal. Complete with formulas to discover your perfect weight loss plan, detailed exercise instructions (with images), and tips on dieting, this guide has everything you need to begin your journey.

Cover: I can't imagine a better cover for this book.  The bodybuilder on the front draws you in and the colors of the cover are pleasing to the eye.  Good job!

Title: Being as this is a nonfiction, the title needs to be as explicit as possible.  The author couldn't have come up with anything better.

First Chapter:In the first chapter of Bodybuilding for Weight Loss, Eaton draws you in by first explaining the history behind bodybuilding as part of weight loss which I found rather fascinating. Even though "bodybuilding'" has been around since the advent of man (they just didn't know it yet), it really didn't take until the 60's and that this happened because after WWII, people were encouraged to start working out more (to become buff for the next war I suppose).  Lots of really interesting tidbits.

Would I Keep Reading: I'm a fitness buff which is the reason I requested this book for review. James Eaton does an excellent job guiding me through the process of what it takes to use bodybuilding to lose weight.  While I'm not a man, a woman can certainly do bodybuilding.  I will definitely keep reading and my review will be on Amazon as soon as I finish the book.

About the Author

James Eaton is a passionate Self-Help, Fitness, & Education Author who resides in Hinesville, Georgia. He is also a seasoned Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Private Protection Officer. Hailing from Selma, Alabama, James’ love of helping people and all-things fitness began early on and it has stayed with him ever since.

During his youth, James would spend countless hours locked up in his room jotting down his book ideas. It wasn’t long before he realized that his newfound passion could become something more: a platform in which he could positively impact other people and enhance their lives in a multitude of different ways.

One of James’ main influences throughout his writing career has been a wellness book by Kevin Trudeau entitled “Natural Cures.” But most of all, he is inspired by his amazing family and his unwavering drive to succeed so he can help as many people as possible on their journey to optimum health, wealth, and happiness.

Fitness and writing aside, James enjoys reading inspirational books (“The Magic of Thinking Big” is one of his all-time favorites) and maintaining a positive attitude through the inevitable ups and downs of life. He is also big on organic food—especially organic chicken, turkey, and roast beef.

Additionally, James’ favorite color is blue and his favorite movie star will forever be Rachel McAdams. One of his most notable accomplishments to date is remaining on gold phase for eight consecutive months during his stay at Job Corps. James holds a Certification in Security & Private Protection Services.

Both infinitely determined and loving, James aims to write books that empower individuals to become their very best versions and lead fulfilling, healthy lives. Just as persistent, he will do whatever it takes to become a bestselling author.

Recently, James released “How to Save Money Through College” and is planning on creating more books that assist people from all walks of life in bettering their lives.

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