Thursday, September 29, 2016

Book Review: What's In Your Barn? by Lindon King

Title: What’s In Your Barn?
Author: Lindon King
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 44
Genre: Essay

What’s in your barn… reminds us of who we are as created beings and inspires a purpose filled way of life. We are not deserving of the gift of life or of the benefits it brings but instead we should count ourselves privileged and blessed for God’s unmerited favour. The decisions we make create our path and influence a way of life for others. We should therefore be reminded that the path of life is for every one and comes with no detours; this path is inevitable and takes us all from "the cradle to the grave.

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Book Review:

If you want a book that makes you think, What's In Your Barn? by Lindon King is the answer.  I was wondering what a barn had to do with anything and now I know and what a clever idea!  What's In your Barn? is filled with inspirational antidotes that make you think about the world around you.  It's a feel good book.  Life got you down?  Flip open the pages and read Lindon King's magical words that will lift you right up.  

This book is written in essay-style - the different sections represent different aspects of life that King wants you to ponder over.  Each section was wonderfully written and was meant to expand on your God-given talents to make a better life for yourself.  The gift of life is in our ends he eloquently points out throughout the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed What's In Your Barn? and give it 5 book trees.

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