Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Review: Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier by Alexander King

Title: Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier
Author: Alexander King
Publisher: O Books
Pages: 370
Genre:  Self-Help/Self-Discovery/Spirituality

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier is a revolution in the Self-help book world. It shakes up the status-quo, by questioning and uncovering the illogical, cold-hearted or incomplete in spiritual teachings. But Alexander King then attempts to find understandings which allow for the Divine and the basis of Life to be truly loving and intelligent again. Perhaps to keep ascending on the spiritual path one has to keep evolving ones self-help literature as well? Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier does not just stand still, and repackages existing esoteric teachings – it is moves forward with brutal honesty, but thorough positivity!

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier tells the true story of one person’s incredible quest for self-discovery, and the answers to why we are here and what exactly we should be doing with our lives. From an inquisitive childhood, full of promise and expectation, we follow Alexander down a much murkier path to the all consuming world of a modern day cult. And then a battle for identity ensues…

Initially Alexander King, studying for a medical degree at the time, did just want to learn about Spiritual Healing, but the Teacher/Guru he found turned out to be the manipulative and sociopathic kind. A great battle for survival, to de-mask the Guru, and ultimately to de-program himself again ensued.

From this baptism with fire a stronger, more grounded Alexander emerged. All was not all well yet though, as after the cult, a few years of Chronic Fatigue followed. They gave Alexander the chance though to really test all sorts of spiritual tools and teachings on himself, to see which could actually stand up to the often so high flying promises they come with. In recent years Alexander King has worked as a full time masseur and healer and, through his dealings with many different clients, has learned even more about energies, and how they appear to work on this planet. In his practice Alexander King endeavours to help his clients to better health, healing and ‘enlightenment’ in a realistic manner.

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier starts as a personals story but finishes as a most unique and encompassing encyclopaedia of esoteric practices and teachings.

My Review:

When I found out this book was available for review, I knew I just had to read it.  Before I go into my review, let me tell you a little about my background.  I am so into finding spiritual enlightenment.  I visit A.R.E. in Virginia Beach regularly.  Walking the labyrinth is a ritual I don't take lightly.  Every time I come away feeling spiritually refreshed.  So when I agreed to review Alexander King's Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier: Surviving the Path to Enlightenment, I knew I was in for a spiritual treat.

I loved it when he said, "Any part of our life is just ‘a part’ of the whole experience. If a part is testing, it is best to learn potential lessons, forgive and move on." Omg, this is so much the same beliefs I have.  I believe life to be a journey on a path towards Higher Self.  Some people make it; some do not, but it's what King said in that paragraph - it's all part of the whole experience and lessons learned. If we go through life not learning any lessons, then our stay on Earth has not been fully attained.  It's those experiences that mold us into who we are meant to be and the best we can be.

We follow the author in his quest to learn more about life and - more importantly to himself - learn about spiritual healing.  He found it fascinating but wanted to find out fact from fiction before he felt comfortable enough.  This book is a spiritual road trip that is not only fascinating to read but helps the ordinary layman learn things they might not have knows. I learned quite a bit myself and came away with a better understanding of what it is to be a lightsoldier.

I give this book 5 book trees.

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