Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Review: By Your Deeds by Boston Teran

Title: By Your Deeds
Author: Boston Teran
Publisher: High Top Publishing; http//:www.hightoppublishing.comNumber: ASBN: B01CZ3RTGM
Number of pages: 233; Published on April 2 2016

About the Book:

The latest book by award-winning author Boston Teran, BY YOUR DEEDS, follows the journey of a savvy attorney as she assists her unusual client, who is obsessed with locating the lost gravesite of the infamous Genghis Khan in Mongolia. The book includes several story lines focused on government conspiracies, gender discrimination, and an unexpected love affair. His discovery of the grave would instigate an international political firestorm and put him in the gun sights of two nations and turn him into one of the most wanted men in the world.
Violette Sier is a rarity in 1920s America: she is a practicing attorney. In the courtroom, Violette faces sexism and the need to be 100 percent better at her job than her male counterparts. When decorated war veteran Harlan Gamble becomes her client, Violette’s life and work change dramatically.
Harlan survived the First World War and the mustard gas that severely damaged his lungs. He is temporarily blinded during his recovery following the war and pays a fellow soldier to read to him. One book in particular about the life of Genghis Khan piques Harlan’s interest, and the search for the emperor’s hidden gravesite, known as the Almsgiver Castle, becomes his passion.
After his initial journey to Mongolia, Harlan travels to New York where he is committed to an asylum. His sponsor, Miss Jackobee, hires Violette to represent Harlan and to assist him in getting the book he has written about his quest published. When Violette gets him released from the asylum, Harlan thanks her with a kiss that sparks a fire between them.
Protecting Harlan from the US Justice Department, which is interested in the location of the Almsgiver Castle, soon becomes one of Violette’s duties. She skillfully fields questions from Justice Department agents concerning her elusive client and then travels to Europe to meet with Miss Jackobee and Harlan. When Harlan returns to Mongolia, Violette follows with a plan to end the US government’s pursuit of the Almsgiver Castle and her enigmatic client. Violette Sier’s coming of age in BY YOUR DEEDS mirrors the coming of age of America.
“Boston Teran has always been a master at combining history, facts, and literary narrative with seamless artistry,” states Donald V. Allen, the publisher of BY YOUR DEEDS. “His list of nominated and award-winning books has shown he can write like a poet, create images and scenes like a painter, and inhabit the pages with a dramatist’s sense of characterization.”

My Review:
In popular author Boston Teran's latest entry, By Your Deeds, an e-book at $9.99, the author has created a wonderful read for those who appreciate political thrillers intertwined with a powerful love story. The story and characters are compelling, riveting and above all stay with you after you have finished reading and closed the book. I have read some of Boston's other books such as The Creed of Violence and God is a Bullet too. For me, By Your Deeds is Boston at his or her best (we do not know what gender Boston's a secret, we assume)  and this book stands high among one of the best ever. The author craftily fuses romance, political intrigue and spirited adventure, all set in the prophetic and explosive 1920s era that is embodied in its two main characters  - - the early feminist lawyer Vivian Sier and the memorable and wounded war hero, Harlan Gamble, who is on a quest, among other things, to find the fabled grave of Genghis Khan in Mongolia. The book takes the reader on what often feels like "time travel"....on one page you find yourself maybe in Asia and soon, on another page, you’re on the streets of New York.  This is all woven together in By Your Deeds that is a true page turner and an e-book keeper for all times. If you have never read Boston Teran's books, pick up a copy and start your collection. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have. For me...I would guess Boston Teran is female.   

I give this book 5 book trees!


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