Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Review: Social Media Overload by Corey Perlman

Title: Social Media Overload
Author: Corey Perlman
Publisher: Garnet Group
Pages: 169
Genre: Business
Format: Paperback/Kindle

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Book Summary:

You shouldn’t be on any social media site without a clear direction or purpose. This book will help you:
• Determine which sites are right for your business and ignore the rest
• Avoid website mistakes that are costing you business
• Attract more prospects by outperforming your competition on Google
• Stay “Top of Mind” with prospects using content marketing
• Strengthen customer relationships and earn referrals using Facebook and LinkedIn

My Review:

The first line of Corey Perlman's new book, Social Media Overload, is "You don't have to be on Twitter." I was all ready to pounce on that one as I see many advantages, but he has a valid point for some people - if your audience is not on Twitter, why bother? Even if your book is aimed at geriatric patients who don't use the computer, perhaps there are families of geriatric patients who see your tweets and buy it for these patients as a gift.  But, Perlman's idea is that because of all the social networks out there, you need to narrow it down to the ones who will do you the most good.  Good point!

Perlman's book focuses on showing you which social media to focus on.  He asks you to find out where your customers are online and suggests even sending out a survey to different categories of people who would be interested in your book and ask them where they hang out.  Great advice!

I loved his chapter on advertising in Google and Facebook, something I had heard about and was interested in, but never tried.  He walked me through the process so I could understand how to go about doing it and why it was important.

I also loved his section on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what you can do to climb higher in the rankings.

But my favorite chapter was on attending online networking groups.  I have tried this myself and it's great.  His favorite is LinkedIn and I couldn't agree with him more.  

I loved Social Media Overload and am giving it 5 book trees!

My Ranking:

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