Monday, June 22, 2015

Book Review: Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health & Well-Being by Amber Khan

Title: Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health &Well-Being
Author: Amber Khan
Publisher: Rethink Press
Pages: 156
Genre: Nonfiction/Parenting/Motherhood
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Own your happiness. Reclaim your well-being. Make a guilt-free lifestyle, your choice of living!
·             Do you think being a 'super mum' is your only option?
·             Do you neglect your own health while caring for others?
·             Do you struggle to maintain a happy work/life balance?
·             Do you often feel stressed and burnt-out? Then you may be suffering from 'Mummy Guilt'.

Guilt Free Motherhood will guide you to:
·             Ignite your passion to bring balance to your life;
·             Take practical steps towards self-care;
·             De-clutter your space, schedules and relationships;
·             Let go of the 'super mum' and the 'control freak' inside of you;
·             Practical ways of recharging your batteries.

A mother's journey should not be, and need not be, a GUILT trip. Guilt Free Motherhood gives you the tools you need to start living a more contented, healthy and energised lifestyle today - right in the midst of motherhood.”

My Review:
If you are a mother like myself, I’m sure you will agree that we’re always bombarded by the guilt trip.  If we try to squeeze in a little time for ourselves, how many of us are consciously thinking about the kids, what they’re doing at home and why you aren’t there with them to make sure they aren’t killing themselves or lighting the cat on fire.  We know we need time away but how do we do it without feeling the guilt trip?
There’s help for us finally in a new book called Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health and Well-Being by Amber Khan.  I thoroughly loved this book.
Khan shows us how we can get rid of the ‘mummy guilt’ as she puts it by first explaining what will happen to you if you don’t get some quality time to yourself.  She asks you to ask yourself what exactly do you feel guilty about?  If your kids are with someone trustworthy and they are safe, why do you still feel guilty?  She helped me tremendously with this.
Guilt Free Motherhood is a pep up talk for mothers no matter how old they are.  What I liked about this book is that sometimes even mothers need tough love.  Show me the consequences of feeling the guilt trip and you’ve got me at the get go.  Your children need a healthy mother.  These tips that will help relieve yourself of the ‘mummy guilt trip’ are unique and they work.
I give this book 5 book trees. 

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